Friday, December 14, 2012

I can't think of a title for this post! (How lame! haha)

As I was in front of the computer this afternoon, I thought of visiting my-long-forgotten-blog. Then suddenly I decided to change the layout. I want my blog to be "eye friendly" and simple (I hope I achieved that), of course still with my favorite colors in it. Haha 

As I was doing the editing I told myself, "Sana maganda ang sunset mamaya para makapag photo blog ako." (Hoping to have a lovely sunset later so I can photo blog it)

Trigger happy much? :P 

Lovely colors, yes? =)

I climbed the highest yet unfinished part of our house just so I can capture this. =)
 Among all the photos that I took, this has to be my favorite! ^______^
Look for the heart, if you can! =)

Thank you Lord for granting my request. May I always appreciate the beauty of Your creations. 

happiness for you,