Monday, February 6, 2012

Circle of FUN

We woke up very early and went to Quezon City Circle to jog because we're trying to lose weight! =) But I'm too lazy to write what happened yesterday so just look at the photos below! ha ha 

We heart self-timer! =)
1, 2, 3 S-M-I-L-E!
We just love to laugh! And sometimes we laugh with no reason! ha ha #fact
The branches fascinate me.
photo before we buy something to eat
before going to Tropical Hut
nom nom nom nom
Why do I look constipated here? haha
Wawa Tine walang footlong
Divine - Julidane - Tine and Moi
After the jogging, aerobics and picnic, we went to our house to have our first household.
Household topic: Be Thankful Even in Tough Times
                               >Don't worry about anything.
                               >Pray about everything.
                               >Think about the right things.
                               >Thank God in all things.

I will forever cherish 02.05.2012! ^____^

happiness for you,

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