Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2009 was my travel year! Ü

 Two years ago I've decided to have an out-of-town trip every month, unfortunately I failed to do it for the month of June but luckily I was able to leave the country for my birthday! My happiness is indeed bottomless! =)

January - team bonding in Laguna with my teammates  

February - exploring Cebu city with my bro and sis in SFC  

  March - Enchated Kingdom with Kitin, went here to celebrate our friendship

April - spent Holy Week-end in Pampanga with my family  

May - experiencing Pahiyas (for the first time) with Ate Baby and Ate Kay

June - get together with my blockmates in college 

July - went up to Baguio City for the CFC-SFC Metro Manila Conference

August - kneeboarding at CWC (not wakeboarding yet, 'coz it's my first time), I’ll definitely go back to Legazpi, Albay just to see the perfect cone of Mt. Mayon, it was very cloudy then so Mayon didn’t show up =( 

September - flew all the way to Singapore to celebrate my birthday (Sept.19-22). Then it came to my senses that I was in two different countries on my very special day *cool* (went back here in Manila on my birthday which is the 22nd of Sept.)

October - ♪My dream is to fly over the rainbow so high♪ I tried zipline for the first time with Kitin =) 

November - Bahay Alitaptap Gawad Kalinga Build in Tarlac (2nd time to volunteer) 

December - chillax at Island Cove in Cavite then before dusk we went to Tagaytay brrrrrrrrrr it was very cold! *swear*

happiness for you, 

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