Saturday, May 7, 2011

Maxima Resort in the Island of Samal

It's my first day in Davao! Hurray!!! Our original plan was to have a day tour at Davao Pearl Farm but we didn't do our research beforehand (Loser us!) we found out that the first boat going to the Pearl Farm Resort leaves at 8 in the morning and our expected arrival at Davao International airport is 8:15, GOOD JOB! hahaha So we changed our plan for that day and ate Teetel suggested to spend our day in the island of Samal. *insert excited face here*

  GrouPic before we leave the house. =)
  This was taken at Luz Kinilaw (Kinilaw is raw seafood mixed with vinegar and some spices).
  Us, enjoying the ride to Samal island. 
  Welcome to Maxima Aqua fun Resort!!!!!!!!! :P
   Great view of the Davao Gulf!
The resort is famous for this Giant water slide that drops you in an open sea (100ft deep, not sure though :P).
  You can't get in the water without a vest. 
I repeat!  You can't get in the water without a vest! hahaha 
Lifeguards are somewhere out there. LOL
Trampoline!!! ^___^
  My (sexy) silhouette! hahaha 

  Ate Baby & ate Acel (that's a 40-meter water slide)
Time to go down to watch the sunset. 
He's not a fisherman. He's selling cultured pearl accessories. Got myself a pair of earrings. 
   We rode a tricycle from Maxima Resort to the port.
then a bus going to Davao city

Our day ended with a scrumptious dinner at Garden Fresca (I highly recommend this resto)

happiness for you, 

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