Thursday, May 5, 2011

Uniquely Singapore

 I ♥ Singapore! I really had a uniquely Singapore experience! hahaha I still laugh everytime I remember 'that' stupidity that I did in Singapore. Are you excited to know what was it?

But before that let me tell you my first on board experience with the yellow, white and green aircraft (go figure). When I stepped in this aircraft I felt something's wrong or should I say I smelled something bad. Why is this aircraft reeks like a poultry? Okay, milder than a poultry, an aircraft read: should never smell that way!!! Yes?


Fast forward. Touchdown Changi airport! Hooray I'm already in Singapore. Yeah, dizzizit! However my happiness is not yet on its full potential LOL because I might experience something in the immigration.


True enough, aberya nga! the immigration officer asked me where am I going to stay, I replied "in Ang Mo Kio" he said "that's a big place, you have to be specific inday" Seriously I didn't understand him even if he speaks in English. Then he even asked me how much money do I have and he wants to see it. After that he called another immigration officer and this big man brought me in a room, with one side made of clear glass wall. Before we reach the couch the officer (who looks like a bad guy from a movie) and I had a convo,

Officer: "What are you going to do in Singapore?"
Me: "I'm going to visit my friends and celebrate my birthday here."
Officer: *verbatim* "Celebrate your birthday in the Philippines its much cheaper there."
Me: *in my head* (much na cheaper pa?)

Before he left the room he told me that, "using of cellphone is prohibited." I nodded and sat on the red couch. I want to sleep right then and there because I came from work, I'm dead tired and I haven't slept yet for crying out loud!!!

Three minutes had passed, then five minutes, seven minutes waaaaaaaaaa! I'm very loquacious, I can't last a minute (this is an exaggeration of course! LOL) not talking to anyone! Then silly things started to rent space in my head. Like being deported, molested...hahaha. I'm really bored and hopeless but in times like these, God is my only strength!

I began to talk to my Father up there. Then I prayed the rosary, I was able to finish the 5 Joyful mysteries. I prayed that if they won't allow me to explore Singapore, please just send me home although I know it will be embarrassing in my part, since most of my friends know that trip. (bakit ko pa kasi sinabi? hahaha)

At last a woman came in the room and told me to follow her. We went to another room, the woman asked me to stand by the wall, she took a photo of me. After a minute or two I've been telling my self that it was not a mugshot, hello I'm not a criminal! Then she showed me some photos and after every photo she asked me the same question, "Is this you?" "Is this you?" "Is this you?" errrrrrr! Then she told me to stepped out of the room (in a nice way)

Then the big scary officer started talking to me again but this time he seems to be in a good mood. He asked me slum book questions. Darn, what happened to him? Since my passport is not yet with me I entertain his questions. He even asked me to have lunch with him but I declined the offer and told him that my friend is waiting for me outside, then he let me go. Wait! Before I left the counter I made him laugh, really!

Whew! What a long story? Just so you know all of these things happened in less than an hour. I told it in full details for you to somewhat feel what I felt 2 years ago! hahaha

I'm not abashed and not proud of it either but one thing is for sure I learned a lot from this 'immigration scene experience'. Now I know what to do on my next International trip but before that let me show you some of my photos taken where else!?! =) Brace yourself! LOL

Esplanade & Merlion Park

mumu =)

Wild Wild Wet


Sentosa and Vivo City 


Chinatown and Clark Quay


MRT/Bus & JB Malaysia 

more pictures here

I believe that there are no MISFORTUNES only BLESSINGS! Thanks to the intercession of Mama Mary I was able to explore Singapore!!!

Tip: #1. Make sure you have all the necessary papers you need for your trip, like invitation letter, COMPLETE address & contact number (of your friend)

#2. SMILE at all times! ^______^


happiness for you,

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